LaFleur Vision Advertising inc.

Lafleur Vision Advertising Inc. is an employment agency contracted by TNI the Network Inc. to help them fulfill fundraising initiatives for their non-profit clients. At Lafleur Vision, we are always on the search for talented fundraisers! On site, we hire, train, manage and support TNI’s employees to help them reach their full potential. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding leadership and advancement opportunities. TNI The Network Inc. is proud to provide nation-wide fundraising services through a network of agencies located throughout Canada!

What We Value

Team-Centric Equal Opportunity Employment

We are a very team oriented company and are proud to offer a workplace of inclusion, diversity, camaraderie and opportunity.

Helping Others

Our company prides itself over the work we do and the clients we do the work for.

Our Employees

 We value our employees and are proud of our culture of equal opportunity and inclusion. Our people are everything and are rewarded for their hard work on a regular basis.

Building Careers

Last but not least, we take pride in knowing that our employees can build a very sustainable life for themselves through our company. We have a saying here and it goes “The only limits we have in our company, are the ones we set ourselves.”

Proud Partner of TNI Network Inc.

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